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Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

A little showoff is good sometimes!

Our scoring and badging system let you show your values to others; It shows how knowledgeable, expert, and engaged you are. It always feels good to be recognized and to be on top of the list!

How can you get point? 

Just be active and share your knowledge with others. If the Reputation App79 is installed in a community, community members can get points by each like they receive on their contents or by each content that they post. Community admins define the rules for the reputation system and how it calculates your total score, so this is uniques for each community.

Users' weekly, monthly, and total scores are available. Below is the example:

How to give a badge to a user?


How can you get a badge? 

You as an admin are able to give a badge to your community members when a user reaches a milestone, is a paid member on your website, is a very important person on your community, ... 

Please make sure that you are not using the badge to introduce your title. If you have already mentioned something in your community profile title, do not use the same title in a badge. Badge and the tile will be displayed next to each other, right next to your profile picture. So, please avoid unnecessary use of the badges. 

Admins are able to give a title and a color to the badges. Here is an example in which we gave a user title of "TechTO member" and defined the gold color for the badge:

How to give a badge to a user?

If you want to give a badge to a user, click on the user's profile> Edit Profile> define the Barge (badge title)> Badge Type (color)> Save changes.

How to give a badge to a user?
How to give a badge to a user?


Ryan Kingsland
are there any plans to allow users multiple badges or image/graphic badges?
Eli Your posts and answers are really helpful & detailed. Thanks for your efforts for helping us.
Came to ask what Ryan Kingsland asked above - any update Eli ?
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