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How to create a group inside my community? How to edit an existing group?

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Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

Community admins are able to create different groups inside their community platform. 

In order to create a groups, you need to install the "Groups" app to your community first: How to install an app to my tribe community? 10

Please be advised that "Groups" app is only available for Tribe's premium and enterprise customers. 

Once the "Groups" app is installed, you can create a group using the [+] sign on the top-right of the window:

1. Click On Group
1. Click On Group

Now, you can define a name, description, upload profile picture, upload banner picture, define the privacy of group (public/private), and click on the create button. 

Public groups are accessible for all community members, and anyone from the community can join the community anytime. But, if a community members wants to join a private community, he/she sends a request to join and the group admin can either accept or reject the requests. Private groups contents are only available for their group members. 

If you do not have a banner picture, you can use the "Color" section to add a simple color in the banner area. You can either type down the name of the color "e.g. Green" or add the color code with the # sign before it (e.g. #231056).  

2. Set-Up Your Groups And Click On Create
2. Set-Up Your Groups And Click On Create

3. If you are an admin, you can edit a group's name, picture, description, etc. Go to the group page> click on the [...] button> Edit> make the changes and click on Save. 

3. Edit Existing Group
3. Edit Existing Group