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What is the Reputation app? How does Reputation app work?

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By installing the reputation app, you will be able to recognize, appreciate, and introduce your top contributor community members in your community. This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful gamification tools that can incredibly improve the engagement in your community.

To install this app, go to your Admin Panel> App> install Reputation app> and define rules for how many point your community member will receive by doing each type of activity: Creating contents, Receiving upvotes or likes on their content,...

At the end, remember to Enable the feature and Update the changes (see picture below). ย 

If you were already using the reputation system, you can recalculate all members' reputation using the button on the bottom-left (see picture below).ย 

What is the Reputation app? How does Reputation app work?

Once the reputation app is installed, you will see the list of the top contributor community members added to the right side of your community home page (see picture below):

How does the scoring and badging system work?