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Thomas Malone
Founder @ Ennie
Asked a question 9 days ago

What should my A record be? I made an error re-routing my DNS and now I can't access my admin console anymore, or my Tribe page at all for that matter. I'm working on re-routing my DNS but I need to know what my A record IP address should be to get the site back online

Where am I?

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I actually just solved the answer myself but I'll leave this here in case anyone had a similar issue:

I went back and re-pointed my old DNS back to domains.tribe.so3 and set an A record to @ with the value

Hopefully this helps someone in the future!

XpertsWave Community Admin
Hi Thomas,
how do you sort this out ? can you share the details, as I amfacing the same issue here,
thanks in advance
Eli Tribe TEAM
thanks for sharing your experiences here Thomas Malone
XpertsWave Community Admin we have the details on how to add A record and how to add CNAME all explained here: