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Todd PetersonSuper Customer of Tribe
President and Founder, America Industries
Asked a question 2 months ago

Adjusting the order of Topics: will this be available soon? I know it is not possible to change the order now, but for many, myself included, it's the #1 most important thing to anyone setting up forum. Is there a team working on this, or not? Thanks.

Where am I?

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Hi Todd,

Thank you for the question.

There are currently two places where you can view Topics. 

1. All Topics Page: In the “All Topics” page, the sorting is based on the “creation date”.

2. Left Navigation Section: On the left navigation section, the order is based on the time for adding the topic to the left navigation. So for left navigation, you can reorder by removing from navigation and adding them again.

In order to manage topics, you need to click on Profile-->Admin Settings--> Topics.

Also, thank you for sharing additional information in the comment. I will pass this on as feedback and we will keep you posted.

Hope this helps.