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Intercom Integration
Asked a question last year

Anyone here using the Intercom app? What problem are you solving with it, what is your use case? It looks interesting but not a 100% sure how we would use it..

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Hey @Mike van der Valk33 - We had success with creating member cohorts based on the member profile data and member activity data synced on Intercom. This helped us set up automated campaigns and send targeted emails.

For example, for onboarding we want our community members to invest time and put some effort in building their profile. So, we can send messages to the new members who have not posted any content or don't have any profile picture to nudge them in the right direction. 

It has also made it really easy to contact the highly engaged users (again based on their community activity) to recruit them for our superusers group. 

There are many such use cases.