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Ed Giansante
Community Experience Manager, Book Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster
Asked a question last month

Are there examples of Tribe communities that have been heavily CSS customized? Would love to get some inspiration as to what can be done visually :)

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Ed. There are many examples, most of them are private communities. I tried to list a few public ones for you: > Dark theme via CSS. > Customized header via Javascript. > Customized right-side navigation via HTML. > Fully customized. Some customization is doable via CSS, some are done as custom work for this enterprise client.>; Changed the shape of the buttons and the edges via CSS.


I've done a bit of customizations on our Tribe community. We haven't fully launched it yet as we're still going through a pivot in our services, but you can see what we got so far: