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Asked a question 3 months ago

Are there plans to add the ability for members to upgrade and pay for their membership in the community? Is condusive to running a paid membership community?

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Ari DiamondTribe Team
Director of Customer Success

Hi @Lu Doan13 

Tribe does not offer a native feature for enabling its customers to charge members. However, we have seen our customers achieve this through the workaround we introduced. 

Many of our customers utilize third-party payment processing tools such as Paypal and Stripe and using Zapier.  Here's a nice thread17 shared by one of our members who has been successful in achieving the same goal that you are trying to pursue.

Monetization is an interesting topic within Tribe's Community so please feel free to jump in as well in this Topic Page26 to engage with our community members who have the same interest as yours.

In addition, if you're on our Premium or Enterprise plans, you can use SSO11 to only enable members to access your community if they've paid for your main app's subscription service. This is a very common use case for SSO.

Hope this helps!