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Frances Silva
Lead Developer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Can I add my own components to feeds within the community?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

Everything in Tribe is built on APIs. This means you can customize it extensively. You can show a customized component such as related products, suggested services, form and surveys, etc to your users inside the community. This feature is available on Enterprise plan. In order to add a card to any community feed or under a particular content, you would need to create cards.

  1. iframe cards are the easiest way to embed an external widget inside the community. We'll send current users information to the iframe using an encrypted token (JWT). Based on the user's information/persona and the location of the card you can return any HTML response which will be shown inside the card.
  2. Appcards will result in the best user experience. When a card starts to load, it'll send a POST request with encrypted user information to an endpoint defined by your technical team. Your end will return a structured JSON response (Called Canvas) which will result in a UI. Whenever a user clicks on any buttons inside the Canvas, we'll send another request to the endpoint and you can do any actions needed and send back a new Canvas. App Cards are very similar to Slack and Telegram apps, but instead of modifying a chat message you can modify a card inside your community.