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Intercom Integration
CT Taylor
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Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

How does Intercom integration work?

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Originally answered to "How does Intercom integration work?"

The Intercom integration is one of the most powerful integrations you can run on Tribe Community Platform. 

Intercom is a solution for customer communication that comes with a suite of integrated apps for different teams such as sales, marketing, product, and support. These apps can help you run targeted communication in your community via email and the embedded messenger.

In a nutshell, Intercom integration with Tribe's community solution directly allows you to sync the contacts with CRM app, engage with members in real time, run targeted messaging via emails and execute campaigns directly inside the community based on member cohorts or segments.

These member segments can be created based on the members' activities and properties48 in your community.

Follow the steps outlined here to integrate Intercom with Tribe:

1. Access the admin panel from the top-right section.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

2. Access 'Apps' section from the left navigation.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

3. Now, you need to simply click on install button for Intercom app.

Once installed, you need to enter certain mandatory details and select configurations based on your needs. Check out the following to learn more:

4. Copy the app id62 (workspace id) from your Intercom account and paste it in Tribe's Intercom app integration settings page.
Note:- You will need to sign up for an Intercom account for this to work as well. Here's where you can sign up by knowing more about the pricing- Intercom Pricing

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

5. The next selection is 'Send members' name to Intercom'. Select this if you would like to send the members' name saved in the community to Intercom contacts.

6. If you would like to use the member data stored in your community as the source of truth, then select the check box for using Tribe User ID as Intercom identifier.

7. The next selection allows you to show the Intercom messenger icon inside your community.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

8. Finally if you would like to send the member activity48 in you community and their attributes to Intercom, you need to get the access token from Intercom.

Follow the steps given below to get the 'Access token':

a) Sign up for a developer account78 on Intercom.

b) Click on 'New app'.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

c) Enter 'App name' along with 'Workspace name' for your own reference.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

d) Once the app is created, you would be able to get the 'Access token' from the 'Authentication' section.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?

Tribal tip: It is a good practice to add prefix for the user properties and events to draw clear distinction between the community events and the events in your app or website. You can do this inside the 'General settings' section of Tribe's Intercom app.

Can I get more info on your Intercom integration?
Co-founder at Tribe

Tribe's Intercom integration enables following features:

  • You'll be able to add the Intercom Chat button to your community if needed.
  • Logged in user's information will be sent to Intercom, which means you can personalize the chat and identify who's chatting with you.
  • All user's properties in Tribe will be synced with Intercom including but not limited to: Name, email, email status, username, role, title, reputation, credit, user stats (Number of followers, following, answers, questions, posts, comments, etc), social links, important timestamps (Such as last action date, last post date, account creation date, last update date), notification settings, and custom fields (For enterprise accounts).
  • Every action that user performs (such as creating post, like, follow, etc.) will send an event to Intercom.
  • Users can search community posts along with Intercom help articles right from the messenger box.

It's worth mentioning, letting admins to see Intercom's user properties inside Tribe next to user's profile and admin panel is a feature that we have on our roadmap.