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Kenneth Jensen
Community Moderator at Acondo
Asked a question 2 years ago

Does Tribe integrate with Google Analytics?

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Co-founder at Tribe

Tribe deeply integrates with Google Analytics. By enabling this integration, Tribe passes all user and event details to Google Analytics and provide the best insights for Community Managers.

To integrate with Google Analytics, log in with your admin account and follow the steps below:

Admin panel> Apps> Install the Google Analytics App> Insert Tracking ID> Enable> Update:

1. Admin Panel
1. Admin Panel
2. Apps> Install Google Analytics
2. Apps> Install Google Analytics
3. Insert Tracking ID> Enable> Update
3. Insert Tracking ID> Enable> Update

If you do not know your google analytics' tracking ID, click on this link195 for more instructions. It helps you to find your ID. 

Tribal tip: Easily get started with Google Analytics metrics reporting with our Google Data Studio 56templates.