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Asked a question 2 months ago

Good morning all. Is it possible to create additional fields on a member profile? I'm looking to add fields such as age or location, maybe some check boxes. Then I'd like people to be able to search/filter members to find people that meet the requirements/have similar interests.

Where am I?

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Hi @Dan Arnold8 

Thank you for the question!

Currently, the ability to create custom fields for users in available under our Enterprise plan4. However, we're planning to launch this feature for everyone to use in Tribe v2. Tribe v2 will also have a member directory where you can search for users accordingly. 

At the moment, you can search for members within groups by going to the righthand side of the group and selecting "Show all members". Here, you can create a group9 based on similar interest/ requirements and have a sub-community based on those specific interests where members can connect. 

In addition to this, users can include customized aspects about themselves in the "About You" section of their profile. This can be found under Profile > Edit Profile > About You. Here, users can create a brief introduction about themselves and their interests for other users to read when they go to their profile. I've also included other ways you can customize user profiles here9

Hope this helps in the interim!