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Suchitra Hegde
Learning to use Tribe better
Asked a question 5 months ago

Hi, I'm new to tribe. I run a community for women. I have added some topics and some posts in those topics. But, navigation is not easy and the posts are not getting discovered. How can I make a catalog of post headings in each topic? (Not whole post, just heading. They can click to read full post, if they want to) RSS feed just shows some code.

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Marcelo Cohen
Creating a online small community on my Coop housing

You can use topic inside topics.
For easy explanation please go to the home page of this community and click on the topic "Community Management" (on the left side) and below the title has gray button representing topic inside topics. Then click in "Members" and you will more topics inside member.

I believe is all about how you structure your topics.


I hope I could help you.