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Asked a question last year

How can I create parent and child/sub topics within a group?

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Let me try and answer as I just drove myself crazy trying to get this and think I have finally succeeded. Here are the steps:

  1. Lay out the structure first visually.
  2. Example: Parent = Fruit Trees      Children = Apple, cherry, pear, peach, etc
  3. Click the group you want then navigate to Discussion.
  4. Create your post related to a child e.g. Apple
  5. Click on the top bar where it says "Edit Topics"
  6. Type in "Fruit Trees" (Parent first) then "Apple" as two different topics
  7. Save
  8. Click on "Apple" above the post and in the right column you should see "subtopics"
  9. Click on Subtopics and add all the Children except "Apple". NOTE: If you add "Apple" there you will create a conflict with the post. It causes circular searching and so stops it all form working)
  10. Go back to your post and click on "Fruit Trees" in the breadcrumb above the post.
  11. Click on Discussions, Add another child post like "Cherry"
  12. Repeat all that I said above.