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John Kranz
Tribe Customer / CSW Community
Asked a question last month

How can I move a specific (single) member to moderated status so the posts can be reviewed first? (use case: a member is not following our guidelines so I need to keep an eye on their content before it can go live in our community).

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi John, 

Thanks for sharing your question with us. 

Currently, the moderation app is able to detect "Black List Words", and to send the context share by a user for moderators' approval if the "minimum account age" or the "minimum reputation" is not met. These rules will be applied to all members of the community, however, admins can always bypass these settings in the moderation app. You can learn more about the moderation app here10.  

Having said that, you cannot pick one specific user and send all his/her posts to the moderation panel. In case the user is repetitively violating your community regulations, you can "suspend9" the user's account. 

Also, I am adding the "feature request" tag to your question to bring this to our product team's attention, in case they want to consider it in the future. 

I hope it helps.