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Asked a question 8 months ago

How do I add members and create their passwords? I only see an option to invite them. But I would rather create their accounts and send them their login credentials.

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Todd PetersonSuper Customer of Tribe
President and Founder, America Industries

Great question.  I recently did this, myself.

All you do is go to the sign-up page, type in a person's email and then type in the password that you want to use...and then hit submit.

That is all it takes to create an account.  Your friend will then get an email notifying them of the account creation. still need to tell your friend what the password is.

So, just repeat that process as often as you like.  If you want 20 accounts created, then sign up 20 times.  I would recommend using the same password, so you can keep track of things.  And then your friends can change the password once they log in.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Good question, Abran. 

I wanted to add to Todd's answer. If you have many accounts that you would like to pre-generate, you can use the API to generate all at once. You can learn more here29