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Asked a question 11 months ago

How do I grow my community starting with no one?

Where am I?

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Create bots: These are the faces of the community in the early days.

Post Content Yourself: This will encourage users to post as well.

Invite some people you know IRL by email: This will get you some founding members to add content.

Add a reward system: Encourage users to share posts, posts things, invite users, like post, be active, etc. This will ensure that your users keep coming back to use this reward system.

Be open about you privacy policy: In todayβ€˜s day and age, no one will use a website that does not offer easy opt out of cookies, trackers, etc. Be open and let the users know how you process their data. They have a right to know.

Improve SEO and SERP: This will help you rank higher in search engines and therefore people will find your community better. If you have the best product in the world, but no one can find it, it is useless.

Improve Page load time: People are more likely to use a website if it is fast. Keep the loading time under the recommended 0.4 seconds.

Security: Websites have to be secure. Let people know that they can trust the information they give you whole heartedly. I suggest using CloudFlare or some other CDN/Proxy.

Brand: People need to know the brand they are dealing with. Use fun logos, offer free trials, be kind to customers, these are all effective ways you can build you brand from the ground up. The Brand in the face of the operation.Β 

Thanks for taking the time to read this 259 word long essay! πŸ˜‚

Digital Marketing Lady

Hi Ollie,

Here are some ideas.

What Does It REALLY Take To Start and Launch a Membership”

Share the idea that you are thinking about doing this (and let people know where the idea for your membership came from. It would be great if you have documented this part).

Cast a vision and do a β€œFounding Member Launch”. It is where you invite subscribers/followers into your membership before you feel ready. Letting them know that it’ll be a work in progress. But that you all will be building it together. The call to action would be β€œHit reply and let me know that you would like to be a founding member.”

This could even be done even with a Facebook post (Stu did that for one of this launches). And, in that case, invite people to send you a DM.

Follow-up when people respond - β€œIt’s going to be launched at this time. If you’re interested here is where you can go.”

Use this launch to create momentum and collect success stories.


Building a community organically:

Think up a community persona (as if the community were a person)

Find members for whom that resonates (and build trust with those people, so that they feel confident that joining will add value for them)

Trigger engagement

Deliver value

Repeat (to scale)

Create exclusivity within the group when you begin scaling


Also, in case you are also curious about helping to build an audience to start with, Stu tells how to build an email list from scratch too.

How do I grow my email list?:

Isolate a market problem

Create list-building events (like webinars, or a white paper, or an epic blog post with a compelling lead magnet, Facebook live sessions, whatever)

Repeat (do it on a regular basis)