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Robert D
Community Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

How fast are pages loading in a Tribe?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

In Tribe communities, we are using Server Side Rendering (SSR) the first time a page is loaded, which is the fastest and the most compatible solution for both user experience and SEO.

After that, when the user browses to other pages, the app acts as a Single Page App (SPA) meaning everything is loaded in front-end using our API, which gives the fastest experience to the user. Also, you can pull content from the community website to your content using Widgets and APIs, or the community can push changes to your platform using webhooks.

If you want to push content from the main website to the community, you can do it using our API. Also, some widgets, like the topic feed widgets, can auto-generate the first time they are loaded.

Now, let’s say I you want to load suggested products on community website/user feed in Tribe. To do this, you can build an app and use the App Cards. Tribe team will fully implement this for the enterprise or premium customers. However, there are two types of cards:

One is iframe cards, where we show a page on your platform inside the feed using the iframe. And the other one is Canvas Cards, where we send a request to their endpoint and they will return a JSON. The JSON will define how the card will look inside our platform. Every time a user does an action inside the card, we send another request to the endpoint with the action and will wait for a new JSON to change the look of the card.

For more technical information, you can contact our team via success@tribe.so2.Β