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Austin Henwood
Community Ninja
Asked a question 8 months ago

How I can add footer to my community home page?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

You can add a footer to your community home-page:

Automatically generated footer
Automatically generated footer


There are 3 options for adding the footer: 

  • Automatically generated footer
  • No Footer
  • Custom Footer
Manage the footer options
Manage the footer options


If you click on "Automatically generated footer",  you can simply add some link as explained here32 to have the social media and "bug report", "feature request", "contact us",... (just like the example displayed in the first image). 

If you click on "Customized footer items", you will have the option to add the custom title and add a link to the footer option:

Customized footer items
Customized footer items


You need to follow the suggested format for adding an item. For example:

Check Our Website |

In this example, I will add the "Check Our Website" button to the footer section. When the user clicks on it, it directs the user to ( 32


You cannot use the "Automatically generated footer" and add the custom items to it.