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Melanie Jones
Marketing Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to access or export my users' information on my Tribe community?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

You can export information for the entire users in the community or export the data related to one specific users in your community. 

To export all users on the community: 

Admin Panel> Reports> Users> Export All
Admin Panel> Reports> Users> Export All


To export data for one user only:

Admin Panel> Reports> Users> Search for the User> Click on the icon in front of the username
Admin Panel> Reports> Users> Search for the User> Click on the icon in front of the username


Now, let's see how you can get the information for all the users in one specific group only. 

You can export all the users form the community. In the exported CSV file, you can see the group(s) that each user is member in. You can make a filter on the CSV file on the groups column to see only the users in one specific group. 
The other way is to use Amplitude or Google analytics to get the list of the users in a specific group(s). Then, insert the user list from there to the exported CSV file that includes all users. Then make a new column on CSV that shows you the info only for those specific users. 
You can google to learn how you can make these filters in a CSV file (depends on the version you are using).

FYI, we do have plans to add the "Export" option to each group page as well. This way, you can export all contents or users for one specific group only. The deadline for this change will be communicated with public once we have a defined deadline for it. 

As shown in the picture above, you will see a list of all your community member, their contact info, and the number of Question, Answer, Comments, and Words posted by each of them. By clicking on Creation, you can arrange the list of your users from the newest to the oldest. Also, the Last Seen button shows the last time that a user logged into your community. It worths mentioning that in Tribe, you (as the owner of your portal) own all the user information and content created on your community.