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Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert
Asked a question 3 years ago

How to improve engagement in a community?

💫 How to improve members' engagement in my community

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Kenneth Jensen
Community Moderator at Acondo

To improve the interaction in your online community, you need to know this leadership lesson from Walt Disney: "You don't build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them." If you find what people need and give a solution for that need in your online community, you will have an excellent interaction as a result. Members of a community gather to solve a problem or to increase the quality of an experience. Therefore, as your community platform responses to this need, the members will be loyal and tend to interact more. 
In an online community, you need to make the interactions meaningful and valuable. It is helpful to appreciate members’ activities, to show them that their engagement makes a difference. One of the easiest and best ways to appreciate the engagement is to use gamification in your community. Giving points and badges to the members based on their activities encourage members to participate and be active. The other thing that improves interactions is to use hashtags that makes it possible for the people to discover each other, topics, articles, …
Also, being a leader and acting as an active member in your own community is the first thing you need to do to get interactions from other members. Besides, never forget to make it easy for the members to be engaged; use multiple entry points and make the community a regular part of your communication. Welcome your new members and give them the feeling of being belonged to the community. 

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe
Originally answered to "💫 How to improve members' engagement in my community"

Tribe offers many features to boost the engagement and retention of the users. The powerful messenger integration pushes notification and let users engage from where they are. You can mention users or request answers from them so they can be notified via email.

To encourage your community members, you may want to consider these suggestions:

1. Create at least 10 bot users: It improve the sense of engagement inside your community. You are going to need it a lot once you have your very first members on board. Use these bot users to up-vote others' answers, and to post content on behalf of the bot users.

2. Use the Welcome Email feature: By enabling welcome email, an email will be automatically sent to your new community members. It improves the first impression and helps your community members to learn more about the culture/policies/... in your community. Please check out this link: Automated Welcome Email166.

3. Follow your new members: Your new members would like to be noticed by the community managers. In the early stages, we suggest you to follow all your new member. To find the newest members, go to Admin Panel> Detailed Reports> Users> Creation.

4. Request An Answer from your new members: Post interesting questions and request an answer from your new members, or the experts who are able to provide you with the best answers. This way your members get notified that you asked them specifically to contribute in providing an answer. Check out this link: What is "Request Answer" on Tribe and how does it work?164

5. Mention the new community members in your comments: That would be very impressive for the new members to know that you remember them and you mention them when you find something useful for them. You can mention someone using @ before his/her name or username.

6. Make a competition inside your community: Define rewards for a question and give prizes (it can be a discount for your products/services or a gift card or anything else) to the best answers. Check out the link below, explaining how to define rewards for a question.163

7. Give a verification sign or a badge to your special members: Special members can be experts, well-known people in an industry, or simply any member who is very active in the community. You can make an announcement on your community and mention that the most active and engaged members with more than a specific number of the points will be a verified user or a member with specific badge. 
How to verify users on my community?170
How to give a badge to a user?277

8. Enable the Email Notifications: This way, your community members will receive an email once they have a notification on their community account. This reminds them to check out the community more often. Check out this link to learn how you can activate the email notification: How to enable email notification?220

These are just a few tips you can use to encourage your members to be more active inside your community. We will post more suggestions late on. Please do not forget to make a comment under this answer if you wan to add something.