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Webhooks App
Adrian Garcia
Digital Marketing Expert
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How Webhooks app works?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Community admins are able to install the Webhooks app from Tribe app store.

By installing this app, you are able to choose one or multiple event, so that Tribe will send a POST request to the url with the relevant data and a security token in the body when any of these events happen in your community. When you receive the POST,  you are able to use it in different way. Things like automatically tweeting something, changing something in your CRM, sending automated emails, etc.

Our webhooks documentation is updated

To install the webhooks app, you need to go to your Admin panel > Apps > Install Webhooks app. Once you have the app installed, the webhook section will be added to the admin panel menu:

How Webhooks app works?

Click on it to do the settings, choose the events, provide the URL, and Token:

How Webhooks app works?