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Lara Simpson
Community Ninja
Asked a question 4 months ago

I am migrating my content and users to Tribe. Does the reputation point work for the migrated posts too?

Where am I?

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Hi Lara,

Thank you for the question.

This is certainly possible. Please follow the following steps:-

1. Install the Reputation App34 and follow the steps in the linked article to customize the App based on the needs.

2.  Migrate the users as well as the content associated with the users. You can learn more about how to migrate users and migrate content in the following articles:

3. Lastly, please go to Admin Panel> Reputation App under the "app settings" section from the left menu and click "Recalculate All Members' Reputation". 

Once you do this, based on the score for each action in the reputation app settings, users will receive a Reputation Score for the migrated content and for the posts natively shared on Tribe. 

Hope this helps!