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Marina Plashenko
NetHunt CRM Community Manager
Asked a question 6 months ago

I have 3 admins in my community. So far I have been posting from my profile. Is it possible for me to post from the profile of another admin? Or from the general profile of my community? Like in Facebook group there is opportunity to post from your personal profile or from the group profile.

Where am I?

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Jacek Poleszak
Polish community @

Please have a look at this answer27 @Marina Plashenko19. That's what I've been using. I have also created a shared profile for the community. I'm still testing it, waiting for better translations and more video embed features. Then I can test it with random people and not my friends only.

Community admins/moderators can use the face of bot accounts for posting a content, replying or commenting under others' contents, answering to others' questions, liking others' contents and comments. The purpose is to build an engaging environment and to encourage all the members to interact with each other.

Once a bot is added to your community, admins and moderators can use the face of the bot to do normal activities in the community.