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Matthew Adams
Kairos Advantage
Asked a question 6 months ago

I have a paid membership site. We have paid members and free members. The paid members receive new content first. Free members get it next day. Now the paid members have their own group...and free members are just in a default group. And I want paid members notified by Telegram. Any Ideas how to accomplish this?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi there. I try to explain it as simple as possible, I hope it helps: 

  1. If you post something in the community, everyone inside the community will be able to see it at the same time. We cannot say like show the post to these few members today but show it to the rest tomorrow. Whatever that gets added to your home feed as a user, you can see it at the same time. But how we generate the home feed for each user? 
  2. We generate the home feed for each user based on the "Groups" that the user has joined+with the content which does not belong to any specific group. You can learn more here35
  3. You can create some private or secret groups for your paid members, so that only they can see the content that you share in those specific groups. For free members, you can post the content either on the home page (do not assign to any group) or share it in a default group that everyone has access to.