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Custom Domain
Malcolm Ballantine
Halesworth U3A Community
Asked a question 4 months ago

I'm new to Tribe and at the early stages of setting up, I'm not familiar with Tribe but have used similar systems in the past. I'm trying to change the Tribe domain to our own which we have had for some years but which is currently not used. I think I have set the A Record and CNAME correctly on our ISP's control panel. On Tribe I get the following message: Set a CNAME from <ourdomain> to Currently no CNAME is set for <ourdomain>. On our ISP's control panel it says: A Record points to If I attempt to connect by searching for our domain I get: No community is pointing to this domain... It seems that you've correctly pointed your domain but you forgot to update your domain settings... Where am I going wrong?

Where am I?

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