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Asked a question 7 months ago

I've created a book club using the Group feature and would like to topics, such as chapter one, chapter two, etc. I'd like these topics to include sub-topics, such as chapter-specific activities, referenced materials, etc. Can I do this in Tribe? When I create a topic, it also appears in the Topic list.

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hi @Jacob Moses29. In a group, you can have "highlighted topics" to be added to the right-side menu of the group page. You can attach those highlighted topics to your posts in the group to make it easier to search through the group. 

You can only have one level of topics to be added to the group. Meaning, you cannot have topics and sub-topics in a group. 

If you want to see wether it is possible to add this option to Tribe roadmap, you can post your feature requests here39