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Asked a question 4 months ago

i want that the posts of some groups not to appear on the homepage/home screen and can be viewed only when a user opens that specific group

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Hi @Lakshya Pratap22 

Currently, the way the home feed is populated is it will include groups that users are members of. Any of the contents of a group will not appear in the home feed unless that user is a member of that group. I've included more information on how the feed is generated here37. If a user is a member of that group, its contents will appear on the home feed and currently cannot be further restricted. 

If a user is not a member of that group, the contents of that group will only be viewed if the user opens that specific group. Please note that this is if the group is public. I've included more information regarding the different types of groups here31.

We appreciate the feedback and I have included the post to our feature requests for the team to review for future product roadmaps! 

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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