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Timothy Fong
Asked a question last year

I want to enable Zapier to add someone to a specific group after paying. What is the response when I first Create User? Will my response contain the UserID which is required in order to add someone to a specific group?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
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Hi @Timothy Fong39 

This question is also answered here. 14

This requires a 3 step zap.

1. First trigger: The trigger of the Zap is probably the payment confirmation and it contains the email, name and preferably the username of your customer.

2. Create User: The first action is to create the user. In this case, you will be defining a password and the user is required to reset the password to be able to access the community. (You can use Webhooks by Zapier App)

3. Add Group Member: Since the ID of the created user is available on the second step, you can just add a custom value for User ID and use the information on the second step to add the user to the specific group. (You can use Webhooks by Zapier App)

Here's a link to the Zap wherein we are using Stripe as a payment provider.

Zap Link-

Note:- We are working on including "Create User" as a step in Tribe App within Zapier and when it's available, I will add a note here. In the meanwhile, the above steps and Zap can be a good workaround as long as you have the premium version of Zapier.