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If I have Moderation turned on, and "Send all content from users with unverified email to moderation" turned off, will every single post except mine be moderated? I don't want every single post to be moderated. I do want it to be moderated if a post contains the words in the blacklist.

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Hi @MeowMaster4 

From what I understand, there are two things you want to achieve.

  1. Not require approval for every single post
  2. Only moderate posts that contain blacklisted words.

Turning off "Send all content from users with an unverified email to moderation does not necessarily mean that a verified email address will require approval. If it is turned off, they will not be included for moderation regardless if it's verified or not. Unless the content contains blacklisted words.

You'll need to follow the steps below to achieve your intention

  1. Make sure to enable the Moderation app
  2. Add all the words you want to Blacklist
  3. Update > you're good to go!