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Sid Says
Asked a question 20 days ago

Is it possible to add a feature where if a user redeems their credit they automatically gets he items?

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Hi @Sid Says4 !

I think it is not possible. Because, you will get an automated email when someone redeems something from the virtual store. You can contact them through email, community messenger etc. and tell the further steps to claim the item offered in the store. So, till now there is no way to automatically get the items they redeem through the virtual store. So I think that if the item is related to the community (i.e. like badges, roles), future releases may have the feature to set like that (For example: Item titled "Become Moderator of the community", when redeemed, makes the user as community moderator). IDK about this much so if you need more clarifications, please contact Tribe Team.

Hope I am clear in what I said here!