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Asked a question 5 months ago

Is it possible to add emoji's from a non-apple computer? My members are saying that can't figure out how to do it. I'm on a mac and it works just fine. ❓🙂

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If they go to a website like getemoji.com32 They can copy&paste from there 😛 😜 😝 🤤 

Unfortunately, I don't think it's practical to tell your users to do that 😟😒 😓 😔 😕

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On computer running on Windows, Just press (Win+.) Win key with full stop key. 👍

Co-founder at Tribe

Hey, @Natalie Masson18

Currently, we don't have an in-product Emoji picker, but this is something that we will be adding in future. At this time, we don't have a timeline for it. We prioritize new feature requests based on the amount of likes they get in the community, the effort, and the urgency.

I've added a feature request tag to the post so other members can discover it easier and vote for it.