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Alexandra Jurcoane
B2B Community Manager
Asked a question last month

Is it possible to create company pages where multiple members can check in as employees? Similar to LinkedIn features? Context: I'm managing a B2B community.

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hi @Alexandra Jurcoane3. This is a good question. Here are the workaround solution that allows you to differentiate your "Employees" from the other members in the community:

  1. You can give the a role different than a regular member. For example, you can give them the moderator or admin rule. Also, in each group, you can add them as a moderator or admin of that group too. You can learn more about the roles and accesses here5
  2. You can give them an "Employee" badge. How to add a badge on a user's account and how it looks like? You can find the answer here7
  3. You can also promote your employees profile account in the community home page. This way, others can recognize them and follow their accounts if they like. How to promote a user account? You need to "Feature" their profile account as explained here4
  4. Add Verification Sign to the employees' accounts. How to verify an account is explained here14