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Frances Silva
Lead Developer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Is it possible to integrate our custom recommendation engine into Tribe?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

Generally the answer is yes if you are on Enterprise plan. 

There are multiple ways we can leverage external recommendation engine: 

  • We can utilize the recommendation engine to show custom cards right inside users' feed. This means we will use our own engine for the elements that exist in tribe and embed your clients elements as cards with custom design in the middle of the feed based on the recommendations received from custom recommendation engine.
  • When a user posts anything inside Tribe, you can utilize our web hooks and insert the content inside your recommendation engine. Then we will send requests to your engine and fill users feed. This method will need your recommendation engine to provide results in a certain format, or we should build a proxy to change its schema. Overall, we suggest method 1 which will give you the best of both engines.