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Arnab L
Asked a question 3 months ago

Is it possible we can send group email e.g. to our Team?

Where am I?

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Ari DiamondTribe Team
Director of Customer Success

Hi @Arnab L6,


The way you can send notifications to a group of team members would be to:

As soon as there's a post in that group, all the members of the group will receive a notification.

For more information on configuring notifications, visit this community post17.

Hope this clarifies.  If not, please @ me in the comments!

Lead Admin of OLH | Head of ChillOut! Entertainment Team | Co-Admin of CarAniMIc

Hey Arnab!

This is a good question. Till my knowlege, I don't think this is Possible through Tribe. Maybe through email services like Gmail, Yahoo! mail and so on (if you have the team members' email address). Or you could create a separate group only for your team and post your messages there.

Hope this is of help!