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Mark Thorson
Asked a question last year

is there an SDK for us developers to develop our own widgets?

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This is exactly what I need to ask too. It will be great if you allow 3rd party developers to expand tribe with apps/widgets. This will also benefit Tribe a lot to grow. Think of it like how WordPress ecosystem works. Many developers will get attracted to build apps for Tribe. And perhaps also provide a way to list 3rd party apps (free or paid) to your app store.

Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

I'm sure you guys have noticed that Tribe is being built as a platform rather than a rigid community software that dictates how you should build your community. We will be releasing our developers portal in 2020 and will make sure to have you guys on the beta-list ;) @Mark Thorson43 @Munir Kamal44