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Chat Feature
Tribe User
Asked a question 4 months ago

Is there any functions for members to contact with other members directly? Or basically direct communication will be done only between community owner and members? Also normal members can see based on profile if each member logs in through SNS such as LinkedIn or not?

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Hello! We don't have a chat functionality yet to allow members to send messages with each other but this is definitely on our road map. You can check our public timeline here.34 We appreciate your patience! 

On the other hand, if you like to send messages to your members, then using third party tools such as Intercom and Drift can help you achieve your goal.

All you would need to is to add the code provided from those platforms to your theme's code section. Go to Admin Panel> Theme> Advanced Setting to find the <body> tag section and then add the code to it. We also offer a native  integration with Intercom17 that helps you get more than just the messenger box.

Lastly, a member will not see if another member is using a Social Login.