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Asked a question 8 months ago

Is Tribe for me? I manage a gaming community that promotes video game streaming, content creators, video gaming networking, and eventually Esports. I have 300 members and growing. Started a month and half ago. I've been looking for soultions to connect my community outside of discord. I am a developer and I've been so lost trying to find the right platform for my community. I've researched many solutions but many lacked apis i want to develop with

Where am I?

In Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Jamal O Al-Khatib
Co-founder of Arabic Spring pro

Hello @Your Brutality23,

In my opinion, I thinks that Tripe can fit most business\projects\communities. all you need Is skills in community management.

In technical terms of Tribe, you can do streaming here. this link will tell you how
Can we do live streaming on Tribe? 49

And for creating content you have the best types of content to create (Questions, Posts, Dissections, Blog)
and these four types are Very suitable for the gaming community.

This is without mentioning the advantages offered by Tribe platform:

Apps, features that are added every period
Immediate assistance to community admins by Tribe members.
And a lot of things

so that, In my point of view, I believe that Tribe Is Suitable of gaming communities and players  

Good Luck!

Expression for Tribal Ideas

Yes, Tribe is for you. Just become familiar to its environment ✔