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Moderation of posts from specific users - I think this is a basic feature of moderation but somehow it's missed.

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KatrinaTribe Team
Customer Success Manager

Hi @Chun Bong Lau7 

Thanks for the feedback! This would be a very helpful feature to include within the Moderation App. 

In the coming months, Tribe will be sharing more information6 about a brand new version of Tribe where many of the requested features from our community builders are considered on this new version of Tribe.  

In the meantime, as a workaround, you could restrict users from posting unless they have achieved a certain reputation score or have been a user in the community for a certain length of time. This can be configured by going to Admin Panel > Apps Settings > Moderation. Once set, any user that attempts to post with a reputation score or an account age lower than required will be sent to moderation for approval first. I've provided more information about the Moderation App here7

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