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Kenneth Jensen
Community Moderator at Acondo
Asked a question 2 years ago

My custom domain only works with www. What should I do?

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Co-founder at Tribe

In case you want your community on your subdomain you should just set a CNAME to domains.tribe.so135 in your domains DNS settings.

Sometimes, you might want your community on the root domain, let's say YourAwesomeCommunity.com123. In this case, the community should be accessible from both YourAwesomeCommunity.com123 and www.YourAwesomeCommunity.com80. For this to work you need to add two records to your DNS settings:

If the A Record is not set, the website won't be accessible from YourAwesomeCommunity.com123 and if the CNAME is missing it won't be accessible from www.YourAwesomeCommunity.com80.