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Topic Management
Caroline Scottt
Resources Manager
Asked a question 5 months ago

We're new to managing Tribe - so it's probably just us being dim - however, we've created a whole list of topics in the Admin panel. The most commonly used of these are now appearing in the left hand menu - but if you click on 'All Topics' it's empty and says 'no topics available' Where are we going wrong? Tribe typically replies in a few hours. Bot · Just now. We run on Intercom

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
Celebrating Human Connections

Hi @Caroline Scottt18 
In order to have a topic displayed on "All topics" page, you need to change the type of that topic to a collection. 

  1. Go to a topic page
  2. Click on (...) on the top right and go to Edit
  3. Set the type as collection.

Here's the difference between the two types of topics:

  1. Collection: The main topics of the community that are listed in "All Topics" page. Only admins can create new collections or edit the type of an existing topic.
  2. Tags: Tags are topics that are less important therefore they are not listed on "All Topics" page.