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Melanie Jones
Marketing Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the prices for community management team as a service?

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We offer a professional team to work with your community manager. The team has three subgroups, including Community Moderators, SEO Specialists, and Copywriters, each has defined responsibilities, and the charges will be applied accordingly. 

Community Moderator:

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The moderator will help to drive the success of a community in many ways:
  • Encouraging members to engage by posting and commenting on each other’s posts
  • Sharing relevant and useful information in community posts
  • Acting as an example for the community members through their activities
  • Keeping discussions focused on business objectives, spam-free, and non-controversial
  • Review and act on the list of flagged questions and answers and comments in the community and remove them if necessary
  • Delete inappropriate posts, comments and limit the access of unqualified users
  • Redirecting email conversations to communities when it can benefit other community members
  • Establishing the community as a reliable source of information and a forum for transparent discussions

SEO Specialist:

Roles & Responsibilities:

The SEO Specialist will find the right unique questions that drive healthy and organic traffic to the community:

  • Conducting in-depth research over the business, its current SEO status
  • Extracting unique long-tail keywords
  • Turn those keywords into unique questions for the community
  • Sharing the questions with the community moderator and copywriting team to be answered and posted This will improve the ranking over time and brings highly targeted clients.


Roles & Responsibilities:

The copywriter is responsible to write the answers for the questions extracted by SEO Specialist:

  • Conducting high-quality research about the questions
  • Writing clear, attractive, SEO-friendly answers with a distinct voice
  • Using SEO principles to maximize post’s reach