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What are the use cases of Intercom app on Tribe?

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Adrian Garcia
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Tribe Community Platform with the power of Intercom integration creates a robust solution for user engagement, targeted messaging, user onboarding, self-service account creation, and more.

Intercom is a communication and engagement software that comes with apps for different purposes such as sales, marketing, product, and support.
You can use Intercom to provide customer support, capture leads using its embeddable chat app, run mass email campaigns, deliver behaviourally-triggered emails, and send in-app messages to engage and inform your audience.

Tribe offers two types of integration with Intercom based on your subscription plan (Free or Premium): 

Tribe and Intercom “Free” integration:

1. Messenger:

The free version of Tribe allows you to embed Intercom Messenger in your community by simply adding a JavaScript code given by Intercom.

What are the use cases of Intercom app on Tribe?

Once the script is saved, you can connect with your members using the Intercom Messenger and have real-time chat.

2. Onboarding:

The Product Tours164 solution is great for onboarding the users and in case of the community, it can be used to onboard the members.

You can create text pointers and video pointers to explain different functionalities and sections of the community across multiple pages.

What are the use cases of Intercom app on Tribe?


Tribe and Intercom “Premium” integration

The premium plan of Tribe allows you to enable even stronger integration with Intercom. 

1. Contextual and targeted messaging

Once the integration is enabled, Tribe will start syncing the community member with the Intercom contacts. 

This will help you engage with members in real-time, run targeted messaging via emails/in-app messages and execute campaigns directly inside the community based on member cohorts.

>> Here is the guide to install the Intercom app49 on a Tribe community.

>> Here is the list of user actions47 and properties sent to Intercom.

What are the use cases of Intercom app on Tribe?

Given below are some of the use cases:

  • Filtering the user segment based on profile data completion and sending messages to add profile data
  • Filtering members with no activity inside the community to understand the obstacles and prompt them to contribute to the community
  • Finding out the most valuable members based on the contribution and reputation score to recruit them for ambassador programs
  • Finding active members who became dormant to emails and prompt them to come back to the community
  • Sending community updates and newsletters to the members
  • Create different member segments or cohorts based on the community activities

2. Powerful knowledge discovery

You can integrate the Intercom knowledge base and community powered by Tribe to allow your members to search content from both of the sources directly via the Intercom Messenger search function.

This will help you improve the self-service by delivering content from both the help center articles created by your team and user-generated content from the community.

What are the use cases of Intercom app on Tribe?