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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe
Asked a question 3 years ago

What feature(s) should be added on Tribe and why? What are your suggestions for us?

This is a feedback question! You can provide multiple answers.

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Audo Kowitz
Community Manager at Komodo
  1. Pin a post to topic – In addition to pinning posts to groups and to the main feed, it would be great if we could pin them to individual topics.
  2. Dismiss pinned posts – I feel like we shouldn't make more than one post that is pinned to the main feed as else the main feed is filled up with pinned posts. A great feature would be for a user to 'dismiss' a pinned post to not see it again once it's read.
  3. Direct URL Link to content type – We can link directly to a group or topic, but we cannot link to a group or topic that only shows "questions", for example. Instead the user has to pick the filter from the drop-down menu. It would be great if we could link directly to a group and have it filtered for certain post type. (In other words, if a user filters the content to only show 'questions' the browser URL should change.)
  4. Custom user list per topic and group – Instead of showing 'most reputable users' we would like to showcase custom (hand picked) list of users for each group and topic. This way we can feature topic experts or other very active users within a topic or group.
  5. Direct messages – At the moment users can link to their telegram for private conversation. It would be great if simple messaging function would be supported within the portal. Similar to how LinkedIn messaging works. 🎉 This feature is delivered by Tribe team. 
  6. Browse community member list – At the moment it is not possible to browse all registered members. It would be great to showcase them all on a page within the portal. In other words, a contact list. Would be great feature if combined with direct message feature.
  7. Custom Dashboard – a default landing page where we could place any type of content. Would work similar to how website builders work, where you can drag & drop different content types to build a page. Pick from the available modules and place them on the page to achieve the outcome and message you want to share. Could have latest news, list of online users, active topics, latest questions, custom images/banners, and other call to actions.

Bugs / Small Fixes – small things we noticed

  • On registration username should not be accepted as a suitable password
  • No 'confirm password' field on registration process
  • THIS ITEM IS FIXED: If we rename "groups" to something else the 'groups' page still reads "My Groups"
  • Rename "topics" to "tags" as that term is easier to understand and makes more sense for a user. Everyone understands what Twitter tags are.

🎉 This feature is delivered by Tribe team. 

Being an SEO expert for more than 6 years, you should use SEO friendly URL or clean URL. For example, this URL:

Should be something like: What-are-your-suggestions-for-us

This part of SEO is a lot more impactful than any other SEO boost app.

🚗Dark Mode is added to Tribe roadmap 

We suggest you to add dark mode features on all community site. Dark theme is not just beautiful, but it is better for reducing eye strain in low light conditions.

🚗Scheduled Post is added to Tribe roadmap 

It would be very useful if I could schedule posts. I would like to create content in advance and set a date and a time of publication for each post.

🎉Assign post to a Group is delivered by Tribe team. 

Move a post to a group. Sometimes, some users don't post in the correct group and they do in the main feed. It would be great if admins could move the post to a group.

🎉Item 1, pining posts is delivered. You can learn more here87

🎉Item 2, adding option to assign a posts to a topics at the time you are posting is delivered. Also, we have added the option to force members to pick the group and then post a content, so that all the contents should belong to a group. You can learn more here94

🚗Item 3, adding answers to search results is on our roadmap

1. The ability to pin a post to the top of the home page & topics. This is important for example, if we want to host a AMA, feature specific posts, or make announcements (other than the main announcement). 

2. People don't use topic tags. Instead of posting in the specific subtopic that is pertinent to their questions, they will post in just the main forum & they will not label their posts with the correct subtopic. Not sure what the best solution to this is. 

3. It is hard to do searches because it doesn't show you a list of results like Google does. Either the keyword you are looking for is mentioned in a question, or it will not return search results. If you search for a term that is mentioned in an answer but not a question, it will not show any results.

🎉 This feature is delivered by Tribe team.  

Whenever someone replies to a discussion, this should bounce the topic to the top of the Feed.

🎉 This feature is delivered by Tribe team.

Chrome push notifications!

Daniel Paul
Full-Stack Developer & Community Builder

🚗Scheduled Posts is added to Tribe roadmap

Feature to back date or future date posts as an admin. This is really useful for publishing old content on the community page that does not need to be so high up on everyone's feeds. 

The future dating posts would allow admins to almost schedule posts in the future that would appear on the community then. Like scheduling posts instead of showing posts that are dated in the future now when the time has not passed yet. 

🎉User profile cover photo is implemented by Tribe team

🎉Chat feature is delivered by tribe team

1. Cover photo on profile pages

2. Chat Feature.


🚗Customized user-todo box is on our roadmap 

The User's ToDo box is a good feature that helps new users to get to new the community and it's interface. However, there is no way to dismiss it besides completing the ToDo...

For example, if a user doesn't want to Connect Messenger (or Telegram, etc.) - the ToDo box will never disappear...

A user should have the option to disable the box. Perhaps in his Profile settings?

Daniel Paul
Full-Stack Developer & Community Builder

Topics can have header images similar to user profiles and groups. 

🚗 Added to Tribe roadmap

How about a clean, nice public homepage/landing page for our community? 

🎉This item is implemented by Tribe team. 

It will be useful if one can select when you add content in the open feed, to post it to a specific group. Then one don't need to remember to first go to the group before you post. 

Looking forward to the improved UI for tagging topics :)

🚗Slider for announcement is added to Tribe roadmap 

It will be useful if the announcement block could have an option for a slider- that will allow one to use that screen real estate to promote or highlight more than one item.