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GO Technologies
GO Technologies
Asked a question 8 months ago

What happened to bookmarking a post on the roadmap?

Where am I?

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We have updated the roadmap to give a general idea of a direction we are heading in regards to new features that might be a decision making factor in choosing Tribe.

Some people seeing event feature as an essential to their core use case while others looking to offer online courses. So we have taken out the relatively small feature or improvement out of the roadmap in order to manage expectation.

Most of our team focus is to make the platform more user friendly, stable and faster and we prioritize current customer requests at top of our list so it is fair to say we are constantly reprioritize our to do list.

Rest assured, the bookmarking feature will be released soon as the development on that has already started, but we deemed it non-essential decision making factor and take it off from the roadmap.

For those customers who are following Tribe roadmap closely to figure out what is coming next, we are constantly updating our community with release notes67  and will soon add another section as "upcoming"