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Robert D
Community Manager
Asked a question last year

What is the best method to let users share files with each other within Tribe?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
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Currently the best practice to let users share files can be achieved through the followings:

  1. Enable Quick Post Type: First you need to make sure you have the quick post type enabled. Currently, files can only be attached to this type of content. 
  2. Create a Topic: You can create a topic73 dedicated to file sharing such as "Docs" or "Templates" or "Files". 
  3. Feature the Topic: You can also feature the topic on the left navigation43 to promote it to users to follow it. 
  4. Highlight the topic within a group: If you want users in different groups to share files as well, you should add the same topic as highlighted topic to a group60 too.