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Rod Paris
Asked a question last year

What is the difference between "Your feed", "Groups" and "Topics"? What's the best practices?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
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Here’s how the community is structured:

  • Community Home: This is where all members have access to after they log in. If someone posts something in the home feed (not inside a group), it will be added to community home, which is available for all community members.
  • Groups: Groups are like sub-communities. It is a good way to categorize your members and have contents exclusive to those members. Posts that are published within a group page, will be automatically assigned to that group. Only the members of that group can see the content from the group inside their home feed. This is how we personalize the home feed based on the groups you are member in. 
    If you want to limit the access to a group, you need to make the group "Private" or "Secrete"69. If a group is Public, everyone can join it and see the content of that group in his/her home feed. If a group is "Default34", then every single community user will be a member of that group automatically. Therefore, the content posted inside a default group will appear on all community member's home feed. 
  • Topics: Topics are like tags that are used to organize contents only. Topic pages are public and available for everyone. A post can have multiple topics assigned to it. Once you tag a post with a topic (either in community home or within a group), it will be displayed in that topic page.
  • Your Feed: How your feed or the home feed gets generated? it gets generated based on the contents posted in the groups you are member in + the contents posted in the general home feed which does not belong to any group.