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Lara Simpson
Community Ninja
Asked a question 4 months ago

What registration options are available in Tribe?

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Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Lara, 

Very good question. 

Currently, there are these options available for registrations/log-in: 

  1. SSO17 (Premium app)
  2. Open/Public registration: Anyone with a valid email address can register.
  3. Social Login10: Users need to use their social accounts like Fb, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, and Google to log in. This adds a level of quality filter to the public register.
  4. Email Invitation11: You can send an email invitation to the email list that you have to allow only those users to register in your community. It makes your community completely private.

NOTE: In the future, our product team has plans to add "Registration BY Approval" to the software. Meaning, instead of you sending the email invitations to the users, any user can "request" to join the community and you as an admin can either approve or reject the request. 
We do not have a public timeline for this feature to share with our customers yet. As soon as there are some updates, our product team will announce it here:


NOTE: Here14, you can learn about all the options to customize your registration page.