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Kristian Ravn
Asked a question 2 years ago

What type of theme controls are available?

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Mo MalayeriTribe Team
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Tribe is easily customizable so you have a lot of control over the theme of the community, from changing the color and logo all the way to updating the CSS and adding HTML codes. Updating the theme requires admin access163.

1. Click on your profile picture at the top right and select Admin Panel:

What type of theme controls are available?

2. Click on Theme from the left toolbar:

What type of theme controls are available?

3. Under the General tab you can customize the colors of the buttons, the links color, and change the font156.

4. You can change the left navigation (menu) and add and update 238the top navigation bar238 using the second and third tabs.

5. In the advanced setting tab, you can customize the look and feel of the portal using CSS or even load external CSS scripts by adding a <link> tag inside the <head>.

It's also possible to use the power of JavaScript by adding <script> tags to the end of <body>

What type of theme controls are available?

If you have CSS related questions, you can find the answer here601

If you have an HTML related question, please check this Q&A page87

If you have a JavaScript-related question, please click here30

If your questions are not already answered there, feel free to ask your questions under the related topic page to get an answer from the community.