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Would be great to have the upvoting feature, similar to Reddit, upvoted most popular posts rank first in the feed by default. How possible should be that? :)

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Eli Tribe TEAM
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Hi @Emanuel Rolon6. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. 

Right now, if you go into a "question" page, you can actually see the most liked answer on top, among all other answers to the same question. 

However, regarding the home feed, we have 2 filters: 
Posted Recently> New content posted in the community 
Recent Activity>  Posts that have received a new Like, Comment, or Reply on it

If we are going to always show the most-liked answers on top of the feed, therefore, a few of the answer with highest likes and most visits always will be on top, and as a result, it will eventually receive even more like, and they will be on top of the feed all the time. 

Having said that, there won't be room for the new posts to be displayed in the first few pages on the home feed and there is a high chance that users will miss the new stuff posted. 

Also, this way, every time that user visits the community, the will only see the same repetitive posts in the first few pages, which is not the best practice for an online community that seeks for more engagement from its users. 

I hope I could have explained it clear enough. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave a comment under this answer and I will be more than happy to discuss it in more detail.